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Topic: Make money just using your smartphone!!

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Make money just using your smartphone!!

As a general rule, most people donât really like ads. This is somewhat ironic, as thousands of people are employed and billions of dollars are spent every year just to place ads in front of you, the consumer. Without getting too technical, basically what I'm saying is that you can get paid to watch those adds!.. if you use Facebook, twitter, Instagram and browse the web your automatically qualified to to earn from those ads that you see every day. All you have to do is signup and start earning from those ads! As you may have noticed, you, the consumer generally end up on the short end of the stick in this process. Companies use information such as your age, location, and purchasing history to try and get you to buy products that they think youâll be interested in. Not only are you bombarded with ads and promotions that are anything but interesting, youâre not even compensated for the use of your personal information. At Adswapper, we believe you should be treated as an equal partner in this process, rather than merely a target. AdSwapper transforms mobile phone users from targets into partners in the advertising revenue chain in four easy steps: 1.  Download the Adswapper app: Adswapper can be easily downloaded independent of the app store and is compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones. 2. Choose the kinds of ads youâd like to see: With AdSwapper, you can  control and adjust your exposure to ads by setting features such as the format of ads youâre are interested in watching, the number of ads of each type, their frequency and the subject matter of the ads. 3. Continue using their phone as normal as Adswapper runs in the background: AdSwapper runs as a personal ad firewall that runs transparently in the background of your phone, helping you to gain control over your ad viewing experience and guaranteeing you will be compensated for your time and attention 4. Get paid for the ads that pop up on their phone: Using AdSwapper, youâll only see ads from advertisers that pay you a share of their ad revenue. You can âcash outâ at any time and receive your money as gift card of your choice from companies like Amazon, iTunes, Visa, and many others. You can start earning back your space with AdSwapper today by downloading the app here:

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